Pimple Troubles

Check out the visuals from the stokes and the Xacti, from New Jersey, NYC, Boston, Cape Cod, Montreal, Toronto, and SF, with Geoff Campbell, Steve Gilman, Jeb Allred, Jesse Alba, Mango, Keith Denley, Rob Harris, ET, Will Marshall, Josh Pall, Rhys Grogan, Dean Palmer, STIPO, Matlock ‘skint’ Bennett-Jones, Trent Evans, George Kazoolaz, Cameron Sparkes, Juan Onekawa, Alastair Mooney, Fiddy, Nick ‘BIG’ Muray, Abe ‘Orange Man’, Jack Kirk, Bryce Golder, Cam, Joe Valdez, Dustin Henry, Wade Desarmo, Lee Yankou, Wes Cramer, Frank Gerwer, chaci, Tyler Warren, and Rob ‘Sluggo’ Boyce.

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