Indy’s ‘Pedal To The Metal’ Premiere

This thursday, Independent and Thrasher will premier the ‘Pedal To The Metal: Indy Grinds On Down The Road,’ at the Culture Brewing Co. Check out the flyer to see who’s going to be there, and we’ll see you there!


With Hurricane Harvey touching down for the Texas area skateboarders and their families, our brethren at Deluxe are banding together to help out in any way they can. Read the flyer to see how you can help out and here is a 🚹PROTIP:
Use a USPS Flat Rate box
so you can stuff as much stuff in there as possible.
they’re free in the lobby of every Post Office.
$12 ships a medium box
$16 ships a large one

Also, our homebase in SF, Everydaysfc is matching purchases of a shirt from the store all this week, with one that will be sent for relief efforts in Houston. #icleanedoutmyclosetforhouston

Dime Glory Challenge 2017

The Dime Glory Challenge is back again for 2017, with new competitors Dennis Busenitz, Donta Hill, Frank Gerwer, Lil Nice Girl, Wade Desarmo, Forrest Edwards and many more stepping up to compete. The competition starts on September 9th, in Montreal Canada at the Le Taz indoor park.