Sf Skate Club Eduskate Back To School Fundraiser

The Sf Skate Club which has helped teach younger skaters the basics and fundamentals of going to new locales, being courteous and much more is in need of your help for the back to school season. Click the link here to see how you can help and the rewards you can get!

One Love Skateboards – Gold School *Full Video

Centered around the best footage that local filmer/ripper George J. Abraham has worked on with his video series [Five Videos Strong!], One Love skateboards is proud to present ‘Gold School’ which centers around Jason Wussler, Larry Redmon, Adrian Williams, Zach Ho Seher, Willie Hoag, Clyde Moore, Nicklebag C, & Fernando Soares and many more.

Andalé’s “Wheelie Dope” Video

Andalé bearings took over the Santa Monica Courthouse manual pad with a grip of cash for the lucky victor. Featuring – Gary Rogers, John Dilorenzo, Joey Brezinski, Dane Vaughn, Kevin Stanley, Shamatty Chaffin, Victor Brooks, Carlos Iqui, James Espinoza & Jonathan Vaughn. You can check out the [photo] coverage of the event here!