Los vegas: Skatepark of TI wants to expand

S.P.T.I. (aka Skatepark of Treasure Island) is a non-profit who is looking to expand its already burgeoning area for all to enjoy. Go to the gofundme to see what you can give, or you can purchase the Real x SPTI collaboration board at 510 skateshop.

Venture x FTC – ‘For the City’

With the long standing history that Venture and FTC have with the city it only made sense for the two brands to join forces for a collaboration. Featuring – Adrian Williams, Roger Krebs, Ben Gore, Drake Johnson, Jabari Pendleton, Tory Hereford and more. Check out the video here.

Real Presents Out of Sight: Treasure Island DIY

Treasure Island DIY is the final piece of the puzzle with the short documentaries that Real Skateboards is featuring about new terrain being created in a scene, where the stop over between Alameda County and San Francisco are blurred.