The Chateau Ho!

Typical Culture was a long running supporter of underground talent from San Diego, and this visual ‘Chateau Ho!’, is a showcase of the friends and residents of Chateau house in SD. Featuring Kenny Mohr, Tyrone Olson, Connor Getzlaff, Mikey Gray, Aaron More, Bryan Schaefer, Daniel Taylor, Chris Coogan, Timmy Thompson, Jeremey Abrams,

Washed Up Warriors Skateboarding – Shits And Giggles (2016)

Here is the new Washed Up Warriors skateboarding video Shits and Giggles 2016. Featuring Dave Coyne, Jeremiah Bryant, Dave Witt, Danny Ruiz, David Frey, Chuck Thompkins, Robert Thompkins, Josh Tello, Jeremy Varnadore, Mike Hamilton, Ben Dunn, Matt Sosa, Dj Martin and Tyrone Olson and friends.

newsHIT – Peter Smolik &Tyrone Olson are back on Osiris

Breaking news for ‘The Storm‘ era fans of Osiris, with the San Diego legends Peter Smolik and Tyrone ‘T-Bone’ Olson joining back up. Read the interview here about the announcement and the plans the two have for the company.